Why is Collectors Exchange the right partner for your business?

Our community is designed and dedicated to the collector community. By providing a safe and trustworthy Exchange market, your products will be presented to a targeted audience which are looking for collectables like yours. Our exchange leaves you in full control to grow your business to your taste, including setting inventory, prices, and fulfilling orders with your personal company customer service and touch.
How will my items be displayed?

Once you are registered and setup, your business will have its own personal shop page including your business name followed by your listed items on that page. Our filters allow customers to easily browse and locate their desired products.
What are the requirements for me to sell?

All vendors are held to a strict one strike policy. This includes selling any counterfeit goods, fake listings, stollen intellectual property/pictures/other listings. Our vendors must ensure all items are accurately photographed, described with full disclosure and transparency. We also require all sellers to ship promptly and provide customer service related to all listings. By selling on Collectors Exchange you must also acknowledge and abide by our Retail Agreement (Click here to view)
How do I Apply and Start selling on Collectors Exchange?

Getting started and signed up takes just a couple of minutes. Click here to follow our easy Step by Step Sign Up Guide.
Is there a catch to selling on Collectors Exchange?

There is no catch! We have no setup, monthly or listing fees either. Referral fees are only deducted when you sell and item, plus the standard transaction fee. The only this we ask is for sellers and buyers to remain transparent and honest to ensure a safe marketplace, to ensure this we monitor messages, transactions and contact both parties for frequent reviews.

Listing Your Items
As a vendor what can I sell on Collectors Exchange?

Collectors Exchange is dedicated to collectables, not general products. All vendors are required to follow the law and our strict policies to maintain a safe marketplace. Make sure to read and review our Prohibited Products Policy.
Is there a limit to my SKU or items minimums/maximums?

We do not limit the amount of items/SKU or product you sell. We encourage you as a vendor to list your entire catalog of eligible items with us. Best of all we do not charge listing feed.
How are my items priced?

Pricing is within your control, so you set the price for your entire catalog. Consider your items value, overhead costs, shipping and selling fees and determine the most suitable price to attract buyers.
How do I manage my store listings & promote?

Visit our Vendor Central to view a guide on how to manage and list items. As a vendor you may choose to drive additional traffic and exposure to your item(s), you may Promote On Exchange and use our Additional Social Media Services.
How will my items be displayed?

Each vendor receives their own Shop to display items. Once in your shop customers can view product information, shipping, policies, item grading etc. Within the Exchange, customers will also be able to view products based on their search criteria.
How will customers find my product?

Each Several attributes and search terms are used to match and display product most suitable against existing items on Vendors Exchange. It is important when creating your item listing to accurately describe the item being sold. Ie; color, grade, sport, name, teams etc.

Shipping Orders
How do I know when I have a sale?

It is important to manage and keep on top of your store activity. Once a sale is made, you will receive an email notification, in addition to seeing them on you Vendor Profile. As a seller it is important to check and ship orders promptly & with care and customer service.
What about customer service and returns?

You as a vendor set your return policies within yourVendor Central. A customer may reach you via your store front via messaging to inquire, or to followup on an order. Message are monitored and filtered for the security of our exchange. Do not drive or encourage in person sales, or outside of market transactions. Any vendors found violating this policy will immediately be banned. Be sure to read in full our Vendor Policy.
What are my shipping requirements?

You may set your shipping details as you desire per item. We encourage to use tracked shipping to ensure fast service & for your own protection, in addition to insurance & requiring signature on delivery for high ticket items. Orders must be shipped in non-branded packaging, and can’t include marketing, promotion or materials not associated to Collectors Elite. Any vendor found to drive traffic to outside channels will be banned as per our Vendor Policy and one strike rule.

Getting Paid
What fees do I have to Pay?

There are no setup, listing or annual fees. We simply deduct a reasonable referral fee once a sale occurs.
What is the structure to referral fees?

Once a sale occurs, our reasonable referral fee is 7% of the sale price before taxes. Transaction fees vary between 3-4% + $0.50 CDN, these transaction fees are charged by the payment processing system and are not apart of our referral fee.
What is the payment schedule and method?

All sales via PayPal & Stripe are deposited upon completion of a sale. Bank deposits will automatically be deposited into your Canadian Bank account every two weeks. If you do not have a Canadian Bank, read here.
How are refunds handled?

Refunds for valid sales can be managed from your Vendor Central Page.
How am I protected against fraud?

Security of our Exchange site is top priority. Before you receive any credit card order, our security system checks for fraud or potential alerts. It is important to list all items accurately with detailed pictures and of any flaws before to customers. We also recommend shipping via tracked, insured and signature required for high-value orders. In regards to issues with buyers please refer to our Buyer & Seller Protection Service.
What about sales tax?

You can set your shop to collect appropriate taxes rates. We recommend you consult your tax professional to determine how to collect taxes correctly.