Helping you Authenticate and Protect your Portfolio

Whether you simply started collecting as a hobby or for financial investment, it’s important to take smart steps to protect your collection by having it properly catalogued, appraised and insured. Here are three quick tips to start collecting smarter.


Catalogue your collection by taking documented pictures, keep all important authenticity certificates on file and safe. It is best practice to organize your collection as it grows so you know what items you have and for insurance purposes. As you organize and take pictures, create a file, label boxes and items so they are easier to find.



Once organized, like any investment it’s important to know its true value and have it certified for authenticity. Evaluating your entire collection may not be feasible, start by working with your most prized possessions. It’s important to have this step done only by a certified and reputable company for insurance and re-sale purposes. Our strategic partners are able to help with this process by ensuring authentication is carried out to the highest standards and in a more timely fashion. Simply contact us for more information about having your collection authenticated.


Finally you should always protect your investment and have it insured! Keep all items in a protective case and in a safe area away from potential damage, humidity etc. One of the most overlooked aspect of collecting, insuring your collection and portfolio. In the event of damage, fire, or theft, having documentation appraisals and insurance on these items is extremely important. It is important to note a special insurance policy may be required as your home policy may not cover your collection. Contact our team with your requirements and we can point you in the right direction.